Stays Call For JYP Entertainment To Protect Their Artists After Stray Kids’ Seungmin Calls Out Sasaengs

JYP Entertainment, protect your artists.

JYP Entertainment is once again under fire as fans of Stray Kids criticize their lack of regard towards protecting their artists after Seungmin called out sasaengs in a recent Bubble post.

| realstraykids/Instagram

This is not the first time JYP Entertainment has received such complaints, and Stray Kids are not the only artist from the company to have spoken out. GOT7’s Youngjae has repeatedly complained, also posting on his social media asking the invasive fans to please stop.

Youngjae | 333cyj333/Instagram

Last month, JYP Entertainment seemed to take some action, releasing a statement warning sasaengs that they will be taking legal action. But now following Seungmin’s recent post, fans are doubting whether the company has truly taken the appropriate steps to protect their artists.

So many of our company security staff, office staff, and surrounding residents are all harmed by you sasaengs’ thoughtless actions!

— Seungmin

Seungmin also apologized to fans who have been respectful of their privacy, saying “I’m so sorry for saying this to STAY who support us with one heart.

| JYP Entertainment

Stays are in disbelief that Seungmin had to address the situation on Bubble, a private messaging app for idols and fans.

Fans are tired of hearing and seeing the mistreatment, and urgently call for JYP Entertainment to support and protect not only their artists, but their staff as well.

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