Stephen Curry Made NCT Dream Chenle’s Fanboy Dream Come True

It looks like those tweets between them have led to even bigger things.

Once NCT Dream‘s Chenle found out about American Golden State Warriors basketball player Stephen Curry in 2016, he’s been a fan ever since. Knowing how much he adored the player, fans even joined together to gift him a signed jersey.

Unfortunately, SM Entertainment never allowed the gift to make it to Chenle last year. Even so, that hasn’t stopped Chenle from achieving some of his fanboy dreams regarding Stephen Curry.

Through NCT 127‘s Mark and Johnny‘s segment Help! Johnny Marky, the two helped Chenle learn some new English slang to send tweets to Stephen Curry.

The basketball player ended up seeing the tweets and inviting Chenle to a future game. While that would make any fanboy’s dreams come true, Stephen Curry did something even better.

Instead of leaving it at a mere game invitation, Stephen Curry took to his Weibo account to follow a few accounts. Among the select twenty, Chenle made the exclusive list, sitting right in the first slot. Lai Kuan Lin was one of the few accounts followed as well.

Rather than leaving it up to chance that the two would communicate again, especially if they were to go through SM Entertainment, Stephen Curry bypassed the middle man to have a line of contact with Chenle. If that isn’t the ultimate dream for a fanboy, what is?

Since Chenle hasn’t seemed to notice his idol his following him yet, all he needs to do is follow back. Seeing as though WayV‘s Yangyang is a basketball fan as well, maybe he could join in on the new friendship too.

Check out the video that started Chenle on the path of being followed by his idol on Weibo.

Source: Weibo