SEVENTEEN’s Vernon And WayV’s Yangyang Would Be The Best Of Friends, Here’s Why

As soon as they’d meet, it would be over for all other friendships.

Interactions between SEVENTEEN and NCT are extremely rare, making fans of both groups even more appreciative when they happen, like the funny one between Jun, Renjun, and Chenle.

Even so, there’s a member from each group that would make the best of friends: Vernon and WayV‘s Yangyang.

During an interview with ELLE Korea, the magazine tasked Joshua with revealing his members’ secrets—only ones he’d known about. He didn’t hesitate to mention Vernon’s hobby of collecting shoes. Vernon’s so into it that Joshua could only estimate how many, “I think over 100 pairs.”

There’s so many that Joshua is amazed every time he comes in and sees them. While moving his hand to try to show the massive size of the collection, he stated, “Half of the room is shoes.” Vernon isn’t alone in this, though. Yangyang is the same way.

From the time Yangyang spent studying at an international school in Germany, he gained a few habits and hobbies. One of them was a love for collecting sneakers, especially with his interest in sports like basketball. It doesn’t stop there, either. His collection is far from small.

During an interview with Teen Vogue, Yangyang confessed its massive size by revealing the designated space he has for them, “In our dorm right now, we have a wall of sneakers just for me.” Since he collects them in order to feel closer to the artists he likes, he admitted it was “like a fanboy thing.”

Not only could the two bond over their love for sneakers and collecting their favorite ones, but they’d be able to keep each other’s language skills sharp, switching between Korean and English. They’d also be able to balance each other out personality-wise.

Since Vernon is one of the calmest individuals anyone would ever meet, rarely becoming angry or riled up, Yangyang would give him a little spark. Even though Yangyang is laid-back as well, he can break out his savage side whenever necessary, no doubt having Vernon cracking up at his antics.

Just imagine Vernon and Yangyang going on a shopping date to buy fancy sneakers, smiling and laughing as they’re carrying their bags. That would be one of the most adorable friendships ever.

Source: Teen Vogue