Steve Aoki Announces Plans For A “The Truth Untold” BTS Remix

Can “The Truth Untold” get any better? Steve Aoki thinks so!

American producer Steve Aoki is in the process of remixing his latest collaboration with BTS, “The Truth Untold”.


“The Truth Untold” is Steve Aoki’s second collaboration with BTS after “MIC Drop” and is one of the most popular songs on the Love Yourself: Tear album. When fans ranked all 97 of BTS’s songs, “The Truth Untold” took third place.


Love Yourself: Tear has been out for just over a month, but Steve Aoki is already searching for ways to reinvent it. On June 27, he announced that he plans to play his “The Truth Untold” remix during his live shows.


Fans are already deeply in love with the original track, but can’t wait to experience Steven Aoki’s new version.


If “The Truth Untold” remix is anywhere near as amazing as the “MIC Drop” remix, ARMY certainly won’t be disappointed!