Here’s The Story Behind BTS’s Jimin And V’s Famous “Vmin” Selfie

A behind the scenes video has now been shared.

If you’ve been wondering how the famous “Vmin” selfie came to be, you’re not alone!

At around 4:00 AM (KST) on June 3, BTS‘s Jimin and V nearly broke Weverse with this cuddly bed selfie. It reminded many fans of how Jimin had inspired V to write parts of the song “4 O’Clock”.

| V/Weverse

How, where, and why did that selfie happen? All these questions were finally answered in BTS’s stay-cation show, In the SOOP. A behind the scenes video for Episode 8 shows V sharing a bed with Jimin at the Upper House.


While they were scrolling through their phones, V suggested taking a selfie together. It had been some time since their last one.

After taking the photo, V posted it on Weverse for ARMY to enjoy.

The rest, as they say, is history! For more behind the scenes stories, find out how Jin ended up with Suga‘s wallet.

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