“IS THIS REAL?” BTS’s Jimin And Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Spotted Hanging Out

Previously, Bang Chan talked about wanting to be “recognized” by Jimin.

BTS‘s Jimin and Stray KidsBang Chan were spotted allegedly hanging out.

BTS’s Jimin
Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

Recently, Jimin went viral for his physical transformation as ARMYs recognized that he appeared broader than usual. On July 13, a Korean ARMY spotted Jimin at a restaurant and shared photos online. In the photos, Jimin wore a white T-shirt that showed off his physique.


Yet, eagle-eyed fans also noticed that Jimin was not alone. He appeared to be with a friend…


There’s no denying that this friend resembles another famous K-Pop idol: Stray Kids’ leader Bang Chan. That profile and physique look just like him, and that’s also his go-to style of clothes.

Previously, Jimin appeared in PIXID’s “Imposter” series. One participant revealed themselves to be a STAY, declaring her love for Yongbok (Felix’s Korean name).

Jimin briefly danced to Stray Kids’ “Maniac” and even gave a shoutout to Felix, whose representative animal is also a chick.

Yongbok-nim,  I’m not taking her from you… She left home, so I’m just taking her back for a bit. Please be understanding.

— Jimin

While Felix later reacted to Jimin’s shout-out, Bang Chan also saw it, and he couldn’t help but fanboy. The Stray Kids leader has proven to be ARMY on many occasions, but just a few months ago, he confessed he wanted to be “recognized” by Jimin.

Now, Bang Chan’s wish appears to have become a reality as many fans are convinced that the other man in the photo with Jimin is Bang Chan. Naturally, multis are so excited over the friendship!


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Considering Bang Chan is friendly with fellow 97-liner Jungkook and has gone out to eat with him before, it seems probable. Read more below.

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