STAYs Criticize The Excessive Photoshopping Of Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

He looks almost unrecognizable.

Stray Kids have recently been selected for partnerships with various brands. While fans are happy about the opportunities the group is receiving, they don’t appreciate when the members are photoshopped past recognition.

Stray Kids’ I.N, Lee Know, Felix, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Seungmin, and Bang Chan | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

STAYs were happy when the group was announced as the next #BENCHGlobalSetter for the Filipino brand BENCH to promote a eco-friendly collection made from recycled PET bottles.

However, fans quickly noticed that some of the members looked a bit different in one set of promotional photos.

| @benchtm/Twitter

Bang Chan‘s nose, in particular, looked almost unrecognizable.

| @benchtm/Twitter

While fans understand that promotional pictures are often retouched, there’s a difference between removing stray hairs and changing someone’s nose completely.

Some fans even pointed out that Bang Chan’s retouched nose almost looked like I.N‘s nose instead. Though the criticism became confusing when they realized I.N’s nose also looked photoshopped.

In fact, Bang Chan, I.N, and even Seungmin all looked like their noses had been edited.

In previously released photos for the brand, fans hadn’t noticed excessive editing, leaving them even more confused as to why this occurred.

| @benchtm/Instagram

To make matters worse, Korean skincare brand NACIFIC, who has previously worked with Stray Kids, released details for a photocard event with the group.

While fans praised Bang Chan’s handsome visuals in previous pictures taken with the brand…

Past promotional photo | @KrNacific/Twitter

The newest photos had fans questioning why his face had evidently been edited so much.

| @KrNacific/Twitter

According to fans, he looks almost unrecognizable, with a smaller nose and less full lips.

| @KrNacific/Twitter

| Twitter

A side-by-side comparison that one fan provided makes the changes even more noticeable.

| Twitter

While fans are upset about all of these photoshop instances, they are particularly sensitive about the editing of Bang Chan, who has been the victim of excessive editing in the past.

Additionally, Bang Chan has often expressed insecurities about his appearance. And while he’s assured fans that it’s normal to have complexes, they still want him to love himself more. They certainly do.

Fans love all of his features, especially his nose, which is most often tweaked in promotional materials.

And they will continue to defend him when they think he has been wronged.

While fans are aware that photoshop is often done to fit certain beauty standards, it seems there needs to be a line drawn somewhere. Bang Chan doesn’t need it… None of the members of Stray Kids do.

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