Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Has The Funniest Reaction To Ryan Reynolds Playing “Red Lights” On His Instagram Story

It was an interesting choice!

Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds once again proved himself to be a true STAY after posting a picture of himself on “STAY selca day.” Fans were amused when they opened his Instagram story to find that he had chosen Stray Kids‘ “Red Lights” for his background music—and so was Bang Chan!

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Ryan Reynolds | @vancityreynolds/Instagram

The friendship between the actor and the group first began when Ryan Reynolds praised them for their Deadpool-inspired performance in the survival show Kingdom: Legendary War.

Since then, both parties have shared plenty of awesome interactions, including showing warm support for each other on social media. In fact, recently many STAYs have been suspicious that something big may be in the works between Ryan Reynolds and Stray Kids—maybe even a Stray Kids feature in the soundtrack for the upcoming Deadpool movie.

Considering that Ryan Reynolds had his location on Twitter set to “Stayville” for a while, it is not altogether surprising that he would then join “STAY selca day.”

| @vancityreynolds/Instagram

Some fans were immediately suspicious of what this might mean for a possible Stray Kids Deadpool soundtrack…

…while many were mostly just amused at his choice of song.

In his most recent live stream, Bang Chan naturally reacted to Ryan Reynolds’ latest show of love for Stray Kids, and he had the funniest thing to say. He started off by commenting on the actor’s pose, which Bang Chan said looked very sexy.

| Stray Kids/VLIVE via @sanhabot/Twitter 

But, being the polite person he is, Bang Chan also made sure to thank Ryan for showing his support.

Thank you for playing our song. You really don’t have to do that, but thank you.

— Bang Chan

Then, he offered his hilarious explanation as to why Ryan Reynolds had chosen to play “Red Lights” for his Instagram story…while also questioning Ryan for his choice.

I guess he was feeling a little spicy that day…but yeah, he decided to choose “Red Lights.” Out of all the songs, it had to be “Red Lights.” Really, Ryan?

— Bang Chan

Seeing as Ryan Reynolds is a loyal fan of Stray Kids, it’s very likely fans will continue to get more such wholesomely funny interactions. And if this leads to a Stray Kids’ appearance on the new Deadpool soundtrack, then most STAYs probably won’t be surprised!

Watch Bang Chan’s full reaction right here.

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