Ryan Reynolds Once Again Proves He’s Stray Kids’ Biggest Fan As He Joins “STAY Selca Day”

Fans are still hoping this means they’ll work together.

Stray Kids and Ryan Reynolds have a long history of supporting each other. Their relationship started with Stray Kids’ iconic Kingdom: Legendary War performance inspired by the movie Deadpool, which Ryan Reynolds plays the titular character in.

Since that performance, Ryan Reynolds and Stray Kids’ leader Bang Chan developed a friendship. Ryan Reynolds often praises Stray Kids in interviews and even sent Bang Chan a gift and invited him to a movie premiere.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan and Ryan Reynolds | @realstraykids/Instagram

Stray Kids and Ryan Reynolds are also frequently supportive of each other on social media, often liking posts about the other on Twitter and Instagram.

Fans have even been hoping Stray Kids will be featured in the upcoming Deadpool movie and have some evidence to back up their suspicions.

Recently STAYs are back to theorizing that something may be in the works as Ryan Reynolds not only liked Stray Kids’ posts like normal…

But the actor even posted an Instagram story that featured Stray Kids’ song “Red Lights.”

The timing of his post amused fans since it coincides with STAY’s “selca day.”

And some fans who saw Ryan Reynold’s story early realized that the actor even deleted his initial post to reupload it with Stray Kids’ song.

Fans are hopeful that this may mean “Red Lights” could be included in the upcoming Deadpool movie.

But regardless of the reason for the actor using “Red Lights,” there’s no denying he’s definitely a STAY.

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