Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Reveals What He Thought Of Hyunjin’s “Play With Fire” Dance Video, And It Made STAYs Emotional

He is such a proud leader!

Stray Kids‘ member Hyunjin recently returned after a four-month hiatus. As a treat, he released a special dance performance video of the track “Play With Fire (Feat. Yacht Money)” by Sam Tinnesz, which fans fell in love with!

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After the video was released, many STAYs expected leader Bang Chan to watch the video and react to it on his weekly Chan’s Room broadcast. Although he didn’t watch the video, he did talk about the new video and, as soon as Bang Chan mentioned Hyunjin’s name, fans couldn’t help but notice the huge smile that appeared on his face.

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When talking about the video, it seems as if Bang Chan was in full STAY mode and was so relatable when he talked about how many times he’d watched the video!

Yes, I think I must’ve watched it 50 times? Seriously, I think I’ve watched it 50 times. It was really cool! Hyunjin made the dance look so cool.

— Bang Chan

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After watching the video, Bang Chan explained that, even though he gets shy when this happens, he complimented Hyunjin on how well he did!

So I gave him compliments. But he gets really shy when someone compliments him. Although, I should compliment him more to boost his confidence.

— Bang Chan

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Bang Chan then went on to talk about the filming of the video and how the way it was shot worked perfectly with the concept. Yet, even with the fancy effects, it was all down to Hyunjin that it looked so amazing with Bang Chan explaining, “Hyunjin did such a good job, so I wanted to say one more time that it was really cool.”

After the broadcast finished, STAYs went on social media because they felt soft hearing Bang Chan speak so fondly about Hyunjin again and with such pride!


There is no denying how good the video was, but more than that, it’s amazing to have Hyunjin back and seeing how happy the members are to have him back with the group! You can watch the full dance video below.

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