Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And Lee Know Are Supportive Friends During Their “MANIAC” World Tour

They look out for each other in very different ways.

Stray Kids are currently on their second world tour, MANIAC.

Fans are captivated by Stary Kids’ incredible performances featuring their high-energy songs and dynamic choreography.

But recently, fans had a cause for concern as Lee Know seemed to be showing signs of exhaustion on the first night of two concerts in New Jersey. Rumors of the idol fainting surfaced after he spent a while backstage and seemed down when he returned.

A video of Lee Know struggling with a confetti gun also surfaced, indicating that the idol may have been dizzy since none of the other members struggled at all.

And although fans have good reason to be concerned, luckily, Lee Know has Bang Chan looking after him.

Before Lee Know went backstage to presumably fix his in-ear or microphone problem, fans noticed that Bang Chan was repeatedly telling the staff to help Lee Know.

Bang Chan | @parkjinuwu/Twitter

Giving his all to making sure the staff noticed the problem.

| @parkjinuwu/Twitter

Fans were grateful for Bang Chan’s constant support of Lee Know, showing his incredible skill as their leader.

Fortunately, Lee Know seemed to be feeling better the second night, much to the relief of fans.

Further proving he’s feeling better, Lee Know even shared a playful moment with Bang Chan when Bang Chan seemingly lost his microphone. Lee Know “supported” his friend by watching while Bang Chan searched…

Lee Know and Bang Chan | @my_minchan/Twitter 

And just when it seemed like all hope was lost…

| @my_minchan/Twitter 

A staff member held up the microphone for Bang Chan, who cheerfully returned to the stage as Lee Know laughed.

| @my_minchan/Twitter 

Fans find the interaction understandably adorable.

The two friends certainly support each other in their own ways, and fans can look forward to more interactions.

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