Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Holds His First “Chan’s Room” On YouTube And Fans Feel Conflicted About The New Platform

“This is a huge change.”

On July 18, 2022, Weverse began gradually integrating V LIVE‘s features since HYBE had acquired the app. V LIVE would remain accessible to users until the end of 2022, when users would have to use other platforms or Weverse’s interface, including Weverse Live.

Although many K-Pop fans have become familiar with Weverse as a platform to talk to their favorite idols, fans have been generally opposed to the Weverse Live feature. Many HYBE artists have already begun to use the platform for their live broadcasts, and fans noticed some significant issues, like the lack of subtitles on videos which limits international fans from watching the content.

There are other issues with the app, like the app’s instability while streaming, which proved to be an issue during BTS‘s Yet To Come concert in Busan when the app crashed, and fans had to find alternate ways to watch the stream.

Similarly, while any K-Pop artist on Weverse had their old V LIVEs automatically transferred to Weverse Live, fans were worried about what groups who aren’t on Weverse would do, especially disbanded artists. Since not only would they have to find a new place to stream, but it seems like old content will be deleted.

One idol that fans were worried about was Stray KidsBang Chan, who is well-known by K-Pop fans for his weekly live broadcast, Chan’s Room.

During his regular broadcasts, Bang Chan talks to fans, answering their concerns, encouraging them, opening up about his own life stories, and featuring fan-recommended music. These long broadcasts have become a staple of many Stray Kids fans’ weekend plans.

Since Stray Kids are not on Weverse, fans were worried about where the idol would continue to hold his broadcasts, with some speculating that he’d started doing TikTok lives as an alternative. Now fans seemingly have their answer as Bang Chan held his first Chan’s Room live on YouTube.

After his first broadcast on the new platform, fans are feeling conflicted. On the one hand, Stray Kids now has an official playlist dedicated to Chan’s Room, making it easier for fans to find the episodes they’re looking for.

And there are filters on YouTube’s lives that Bang Chan had fun trying out.

But on the other hand, Bang Chan warned fans that because of YouTube’s copyright policy, he would only be able to play music from JYP Entertainment artists.

There are some stuff that I won’t be able to do, which, for example, would be playing any song that I want. But, what is something that I can do is… I can play songs that are all a part of JYP.

โ€” Bang Chan

Fans are also wondering what will happen with subtitles now that the broadcasts are off of V LIVE, which, at the time of this article, have not yet been added to the uploaded broadcast.

But no matter what, at least Bang Chan can still spend time with fans weekly.

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