Fans Shocked To Discover Stray Kids’ Bang Chan’s Sister Hannah Bahng Is A Fan Of A 4th Gen K-Pop Group

She’s just like us!

In case you don’t know, Hannah Bahng is a Korean-Australian content creator and influencer who is also an aspiring musician.

She is also the younger sister of Stray Kids‘ leader Bang Chan. The siblings have shown brief moments of their chaotic loveable dynamic on live streams.

While Hannah doesn’t want to be a K-Pop idol like her older brother, she is a fan of some K-Pop artists, though.

Hannah Bahng | @hannahhbahng/Instagram

K-Pop multi-stans Deja (@hippiegirlsimp on TikTok on Twitter) and Lala (@sugascoup on Twitter) shared some highlights from the P1Harmony‘s 2023 Live Tour [P1ustage H : P1oneer] stop in Oakland, California on January 22.

Surprisingly, Deja and Lala ran into Hannah after the concert! They both shared photos they took with her.

| @dejavvuu__/Instagram

They shared some of their interactions with her too. Hannah was super nice!

Deja even posted a video with Hannah on TikTok. Although they had just met, they appeared like old friends!


Hannah why you read me like that😮‍💨@hannahbahng #hannahbahng #P1h #skz #p1harmony #p1harmonyinoakland #bangchansister #p1hconcert #kpop

♬ apple cider – ★

Hannah met a few more fans at the concert too. She has some shared on her Instagram Stories.

| @hannahhbahng/Instagram

Many were surprised Hannah was at the P1Harmony concert, but it turns out she is a P1ece like the rest of us! Besides Stray Kids, she follows P1Harmony and BTS on Instagram.


Read more about Hannah below.

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