Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Spills On His Chaotic Friendship With ITZY

The chaotic sibling rivalry continues.

Stray KidsBang Chan recently spilled on his chaotic friendship with the members of ITZY, proving they are the cutest besties.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan


Stray Kids and ITZY both participated at this year’s KCON in Los Angeles. Both groups made a major splash, proving they are leaders of their generation. Stray Kids left everyone impressed with their powerful performance…

…while ITZY easily proved to be one of the main highlights of the event, especially after bringing Bebe Rexha in for a surprise performance with Yeji and Ryujin.

While there weren’t many opportunities for the two groups to interact much together this time, their close friendship is already well-known. Only recently, Ryujin and Bang Chan went viral for their chaotic sibling rivalry at this year’s Idol Star Athletic Championship (ISAC) as the two of them hilariously teased each other throughout the event.

And it wasn’t just Bang Chan and Ryujin! The Stray Kids and ITZY members, along with NMIXX and Xdinary Heroes, all proved they have a true family bond.

In fact, in the latest ‘episode’ of Bang Chan’s regular live stream (Chan’s Room), fans claimed that he seems to be ready to join ITZY as their sixth member!

During the live stream also he also spilled his honest thoughts on his friendship with ITZY, and it was just as wholesome as one would imagine.

| Stray Kids/VLIVE

They are our juniors, they are our little sisters. And yeah they are much younger than me… However, I feel like they are much older than me.

— Bang Chan

Naturally, he had to touch on the chaotic aspect of the friendship. As his little sisters who seem to be older than him, Bang Chan said they liked to annoy him a good deal. Something that was clearly evidenced by Ryujin’s pushing him over at ISAC, of course. But Bang Chan claims he genuinely enjoys it even, saying it’s actually really fun!

| Stray Kids/VLIVE

They like to…annoy me a lot [laughs]. But they do it for fun, it’s all good. It’s all fun and games so it’s actually pretty fun.

— Bang Chan

As a matter of fact, Bang Chan has also already proven that he never hesitates to poke fun at his little sisters either. Even during this latest live stream, fans were already anticipating Ryujin’s revenge after Bang Chan repeated her “SNEAKERS” lines in the funniest way.

As the members of the two groups have all known each other for so long, it makes sense that they’d come to share such a tight family-like bond. The Stray Kids and ITZY friendship is definitely one we can’t get enough of!

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ITZY’s Ryujin And Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Go Viral At 2022 ISAC For Their Chaotic Sibling Rivalry