Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Goes Viral As He Shocks With His Visuals In Real Life

“Bang Chan up close…he’s so beautiful.”

Lucky STAYs who were able to see Stray KidsBang Chan up close and personal were left shook by his real-life visuals, and the evidence makes it easy to see why.

Bang Chan | SBS

While Bang Chan is perhaps best known for being one of the most wholesome K-Pop idols out there, he also regularly gains attention for his insane visuals and body proportions.

Stray Kids’ MAXIDENT ultra-successful comeback has been no exception, giving STAYs yet another historic Bang Chan fit to add to the collection. “Police officer Bang Chan” will live on in fans’ minds rent-free for the foreseeable future!

Yet, despite his god-like appearance on stage, Bang Chan is now going viral as fan-taken images and clips gain attention. The group recently held a fansign in Seoul, where lucky STAYs were able to get up close and personal with the members.

The members went outside to meet their fans, once again showing their true personalities as Bang Chan was praised for going out of his way to thank the coffee truck staff at the event.

But while his sweet interactions with STAY also received their fair share of attention…

…it was his unreal visuals that took the spotlight.

Dressed in another iteration of his police fit, “Detective Bang Chan” left fans in a daze.

And when he came close, STAYs were shocked at how good he looks in real life.

In fact, one clip alone has already gained almost half a million views on Twitter!

STAY’s couldn’t help joking about what Bang Chan must have witnessed after coming close…

…but in any case, while STAYs regularly praise Bang Chan’s visuals in all the content produced for the group, it’s a different thing altogether to see how he looks in person!

Stray Kids

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