Stray Kids’ Changbin Confesses That He Accidentally Slapped The Wrong Butt

So awkward!

Stray KidsChangbin shared an embarrassing story in Episode 45 of SKZ CODE. 


The Stray Kids members were given two uncomfortable scenarios to choose between: “Swarmed with people at the airport, the car leaves without you” or “You hugged our beloved SKjigi from behind, but it was a random guy.” Everyone agreed the second option sounded uncomfortable and embarrassing.

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Surprisingly, I.N revealed that he had already experienced something similar in his life. He had gone to a sauna with his dad and believed he was hugging his father when it turned out to be a stranger.

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Likewise, Changbin revealed that he has already experienced such situations, arguably even worse. He slapped the butt of one of his members, except… it wasn’t a Stray Kids member.

That’s happened to me a lot at broadcasting stations. I thought they were a member and slapped their butt, but…

— Changbin

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The members gasped, horrified at Changbin’s confession. Changbin said that although it was not one of his members as he intended, it was still someone close, so it wasn’t a complete stranger.

Thankfully, it was someone close…

— Changbin

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Slapping each other’s butts is now such a habit for Stray Kids!

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