Stray Kids Fans Are Still Hoping For An Answer To The Biggest Unsolved Mystery From “MAXIDENT”

They do have some suspicions.

Stray Kids recently promoted their comeback MAXIDENT, and, as always, amazed fans with their music, performances, and cinematic music videos.

Stray Kids | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

The music video for the title track “CASE 143” was released first, shortly followed by music videos for the b-sides “SUPER BOARD” and “CHILL.” Like all of Stray Kids’ music videos, the members told captivating and unique stories that captured fans’ interest.

Now that MAXIDENT promotions have come to a close, fans realize that one of the mysteries in Stray Kids’ trailer was never answered. Fans had no idea what to expect from the album when the MAXIDENT trailer was released, which featured everything from a gigantic fluffy pink heart to a shirtless scene of Felix.

The scene of Felix was so surprising to fans that, now that MAXIDENT promotions are over, they’re still curious about why it was included in the trailer since it wasn’t used as a look in any of the music videos.

Although fans are pointing out that this isn’t the first time they’ve had unanswered questions about one of Stray Kids’ cinematic album trailers…

Fans are still speculating about the scene’s purpose, suspecting it could be a scene from a yet-unreleased music video for the track “TASTE.”

While others are joking that it was just “bait” for them to buy albums.

Although fans are hopeful that Felix will explain himself…

It seems like this will be yet another unsolved K-Pop mystery for STAY to perpetually wonder about.

But STAY are still hopeful that they will get a trailer-making film where they might get some answers.

You can watch the MAXIDENT trailer here.

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