Stray Kids Hyping Up Felix As The Warmest And Sweetest Member Has Fans Soft

Felix is feeling all the love!

Stray Kids have the cutest bond, and they showed it off when they hyped up Felix‘s warm personality!

Stray Kids’ recently sat down and participated in SEVENTEEN‘s Superlatives segment, where they answered a ton of fun questions!

The very first question asked to them was:

Who is the sweetest?

And all answers turned unanimously to Felix!

The members began complimenting him one by one, starting with Han!

Felix is really sweet! The sweetest! With Felix, even the way he talks is warm.

He’s a kid who learned Korean well.


He talked more about Felix’s personality, describing him as a warm-hearted person!

So yeah, even with the words Felix uses, he says things that’ll bring up your confidence, so I’m always thankful for his encouragement.


Changbin then gave his own two cents about why he thinks Felix is the sweetest among them!

Well, to start off, he smiles when he talks. He’s just a really warm person.

You can just see his kindness and the sincerity in everything he says.


Leader Bangchan was the next member to shower Felix with compliments about his sweet and warm personality!

Felix is just like a really warm, fudgy brownie. Very sweet and warm.


Who wouldn’t love this sweet, adorable brownie?!

Stray Kids just made their comeback with their first repackaged album titled IN生 (IN LIFE) and title track “Back Door”.

Watch the members of Stray Kids Gush over Felix from the 1:06 mark here!

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