Stray Kids’ Hyunjin And Han Show Their Support For Each Other In The Most Endearing Way

Fans can’t get enough of their friendship.

Stray KidsHyunjin and Han are two incredibly close friends, and fans have always loved seeing their interactions. The two share everything from goofy moments…

To unintentional synchronicity.

Fans always love seeing the two of them support each other.

Stray Kids recently filled out Spotify surveys to talk about everything from the song that got them into K-Pop to the song they’re “currently hooked on.”

Fans were endeared, although not surprised, to see that Hyunjin and Han both took the opportunity to support each other once again. For the question of “The song I wish more people loved,” Han chose Hyunjin’s solo song “ice.cream.”

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Hyunjin put a lot of effort into “ice.cream,” not only writing the lyrics for the beautiful track but even taking the time to make stunning artwork for the song.

Meanwhile, when asked about “the K-Pop song that keeps me going on,” Hyunjin answered with Han’s solo song “Wish You Back.”

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Han was noticed by the creator of the animated film Your NameMakoto Shinkai, for “Wish You Back,” after explaining that he was inspired by imagining what would have happened if Your Name had a sad ending.

There’s no denying that “Wish You Back” is one of Han’s many masterpieces, but it was especially significant to STAY after Han and Hyunjin performed the song together.

Fans are incredibly touched to see the two friends giving each other so much support.

You can read more about their endearing friendship here.

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You can listen to “ice.cream” here.

You can listen to “Wish You Back” here.

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