Stray Kids Fans Accuse Two Different Internet Celebrities Of Plagiarizing The Group’s Music

Fans want action to be taken.

In recent weeks, internet celebrities have drawn criticism on two separate occasions from STAYs for allegedly plagiarizing Stray Kids‘ music.

Stray Kids | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

When French content creator and musical artist ADAM LE RIGOLOW released his new song “DEMONGORGON,” STAYs quickly noticed that it sounded extremely similar to the instrumental of Stray Kids’ “VENOM.”

In addition to the instrumental, it also seems as if Hyunjin‘s memorable line “pew pew pew” had been copied directly. Some fans even edited the two songs together to display how seamlessly they mesh.

ADAM LE RIGOLOW’s “DEMONGORGON” was inspired by the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things, as evident in the song title and video.

ADAM LE RIGOLOW | @adam_hjb/Instagram

Stray Kids’ released their b-side “VENOM” from their ODDINARY album on March 18. It was created by Stray Kids’ producer line 3RACHA (Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han), as well as American DJ DallasK. Though released this year, it has been in the works since 2020.

Some fans have called the use of sampling into question regarding the accusations. Sampling is a common occurrence in music, and when done properly, is totally legal. It’s often why certain songs may sound similar. However, copying without permission, especially an entire instrumental, is still plagiarism.

A sample that’s found in “VENOM” can also be heard in “CH4NGE” by Giga which came out in 2021. However, fans believe the instrumental of “DEMONGORGON” to be too similar to “VENOM.”

Since the accusation initially occurred, the original YouTube video for the song has been deleted. Another version that doesn’t include the instrumental found in “VENOM” has replaced the track, further fueling the idea that the song was copied without permission to begin with.

Still, fans are hoping to bring attention to the plagiarism accusation.

This isn’t the first accusation STAYs have made against an artist for allegedly plagiarizing music from Stray Kids’ ODDINARY album. Previously Venezuelan-American content creator and singer Lele Pons received criticism after releasing her song “Piketona” with fellow internet celebrity Kim Loaiza.

Lele Pons (left) and Kim Loaiza (right) | @lelepons/Instagram

Some fans found that the song’s intro sounds similar to Stray Kids’ most recent title track “MANIAC” which was released on March 18. “MANIAC” was created by 3RACHA and VERSACHOI. “Piketona” was released on April 6.


Pero- LIETARLMENTE TIENE LA INTRO DE MANIAC ya no pueden crear su propio instrumental #스투레이키즈 #straykids #skz #stay #kimberly #kimberlyloiaza #lelepons #viral #fyp #kpop #plagio #lovestay #fypシ

♬ MANIAC – Stray Kids

While some STAYs have argued that this incident is closer to the proper use of sampling…

…some fans have still found an issue with it, even taking to the YouTube comment section of the song to make jokes about the similarities.

“Piketona” comments on YouTube | Lele Pons/YouTube

Neither artist has addressed these accusations, and fans are urging JYP Entertainment to take action against what they believe are serious claims.

Stray Kids

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