Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Spoiled “VENOM” Two Years Ago… Once Again Proving He’s A Spoiler King

It makes you wonder how many other spoilers there are for unreleased songs…

Stray Kids and leader Bang Chan specifically are no strangers to spoilers. But, once again, Bang Chan has surprised fans who realized that the idol spoiled a song two years before its release.

Stray Kids recently had their comeback with ODDINARY, and fans are loving everything about the comeback from the styling, to the incredible vocals, and the intense choreography for the title track “MANIAC.”

The song has already received a shout-out from Ryan Reynolds, a US late night TV show performance debut, and their first win on KBS‘s Music Bank the same day as their four-year anniversary.

But one more thing fans of the group can enjoy are the apparent plethora of spoilers that Bang Chan gave fans.

First, before ODDINARY was released, Bang Chan pretended to reveal his hair color on VLIVE.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan May Be Clowning Fans About His True Hair Color

Then sharp-eyed fans noticed that back at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards, Bang Chan was seen in a clip singing, “You cannot stop with this feeling.”

While it wasn’t unusual behavior at the time, fans have now realized that it was actually a spoiler for the title track “MANIAC,” as Bang Chan sings that exact same line in the song.

And now, once again, fans have realized that Bang Chan had actually released a spoiler for the b-side “VENOM” two years ago.

In August 2020, Bang Chan released a vlog that showed him spending his vacation getting an eye exam…

| Stray Kids/Youtube 

… demonstrating the perfect way to eat a donut…

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | Stray Kids/Youtube 

… and working in his studio.

| Stray Kids/Youtube 

Fans would most likely remember the vlog from the iconic UNO game he played with Felix.

But what fans couldn’t have known at the time is that one of the two songs Bang Chan showed himself working on was actually “VENOM.”

| Stray Kids/Youtube 

The first track on ODDINARY, “VENOM,” even has a music video that is driving fans crazy with its captivating storyline and the members’ incredible visuals and acting. And the song itself has a very unique backtrack and memorable melody.

In Bang Chan’s 2020 vlog, Bang Chan introduced two songs that he was working on. One song was “something that [he was] newly working on.”

| Stray Kids/Youtube 

The other song was one he described as almost finished but “missing a section.”

| Stray Kids/Youtube 

Although Bang Chan only shares a brief clip of him working on the second song before doing a time-lapsed video that prevents too much of the song from being spoiled…

| Stray Kids/Youtube 

From the distinct sound, fans were able to spot that he was actually working on “VENOM.” The brief excerpt he showed in the 2020 vlog matches perfectly to the unique sound in the official track.

You can watch the spoiler here.

You can watch “VENOM” here.

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