Stray Kids’ Lee Know Has The Best Response When Asked About A Crush

His response also says a lot about the K-Pop industry.

Stray Kids are currently promoting MAXIDENT, and as part of their promotions, Lee Know, Changbin, and Felix attended The Kstar Next Door YouTube series. During the show, they talked about everything from why Felix had his friends delete his pictures to how popular Changbin was in school.

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When it came to stories about school, Jonathan was surprised to read that Lee Know would get to school as early as possible so he could sit next to his friend.

Jonathan: Lee Know. You went to school at dawn to sit with the person you like?

Jonathan, Felix, Lee Know, and Changbin | Diggle/YouTube 

Lee Know admitted that even though “It was very dark,” it was worth waiting for his friend.

Lee Know: I had a best friend. It was very dark, but I still waited in the classroom.

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Of course, Jonathan had to take the opportunity to ask if the person he was so dedicated to waiting for was a crush.

Jonathan: Did you have a crush on her?

Lee Know: It’s him.

Jonathan: Oh, him.

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Which Lee Know quickly refuted, explaining that he doesn’t have time to date because he’s an idol.

Lee Know: No romance in my life. I’m an idol.

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In the past, Danish singer Christopher talked to rapper Lee Young Ji about the harsh reality of idols dating in the industry. Although there are some adorably public relationships, like HyunA and DAWN‘s, even those relationships don’t come without a cost.

Lee Know’s flat-out refusal of romance because of his career is undoubtedly amusing, but fans are always hopeful that this strict expectation around idols dating will change.

You can read more here.

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