Stray Kids’ Lee Know Goes Viral For Getting Embarrassed On The “2022 Asia Artist Awards” Red Carpet

He slayed, though.

Stray Kids have had a very successful awards season so far! At the latest award show, the 2022 Asia Artist Awards, they continued to attract attention and win awards!

Stray Kids | @Stray_Kids/Twitter 

The group put on another amazing performance at the event, earning praise from many that watched the show.

The group also won big, taking home the “AAA Best Choice – Singer” and “AAA Grand Prize – Album Of The Year” awards.

However, Stray Kids’ Lee Know is going viral for his behavior before the awards show even began.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know

On the red carpet for the event, the group served looks as a whole and individually, with their visuals shining through!

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin and Seungmin.
Stray Kids’ Felix

Lee Know took an opportunity on the carpet to get a little bit creative with his posing. While leaning on Han, he lifted up one of his legs and placed a hand behind his hand to make a fabulous-looking pose.

After a bit, he returns back to a normal pose. The event’s announcer can be heard laughing before saying, “please do a handsome pose.” Lee Know nods his head, looking a bit embarrassed, before covering his face. Even Han can’t keep his laughter in and playfully hits Lee Know as they leave the red carpet.

Clips of the hilarious moment have racked up thousands of views each, with fans enjoying the hilarious moment.

Check out some of the best dressed at the awards show below!

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Stray Kids

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