Stray Kids Reminisces On Their Fondest Memory Together, And It Was All Thanks To Lee Know

It was such a sweet moment ❤️

K-Pop groups typically live together, so it goes without saying that they have the opportunity to make many precious memories with each other. Boy group Stray Kids is no exception!

Stray Kids

Recently, the boys appeared on YouTube channel Seventeen for an episode of “Besties On Besties.” Midway through the interview, they were asked the question, “What’s your favorite memory together?

After pondering for a moment, I.N. revealed that his fondest memory is when fellow member Lee Know shared his food with them.

I mentioned this earlier, but the thing that Lee Know made for us that we all ate together.

— I.N

However, it wasn’t any ordinary food—it was lamb meat! They were each given their own piece to eat. It was so delicious, they joked that they were in Australia.

We were so excited. We were each holding a piece of lamb. ‘It feels like we’re in Australia! But in reality, we’re in Seongnae-dong!

— Stray Kids

What made it even more special was that it was a spontaneous moment between friends. None of them planned on coming over that day, but once it happened, they enjoyed every second of it!

The reason why it was more enjoyable is because it wasn’t even planned. We just suddenly came over. Everyone just came together and started eating. ‘What’s this? What’s this? Lamb? Woah, lamb! Lamb party!‘ It was crazy.

— Stray Kids

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Source: YouTube

Stray Kids