Stray Kids’ First Music Show Win For “MAXIDENT” Is Leaving Fans Emotional For One Touching Reason

Fans are very proud.

Stray Kids just received their first music show win for MAXIDENT at Show Champion, and fans couldn’t be more proud.

Stray Kids’ win at Show Champion

Stray Kids have previously opened up about how MAXIDENT differs from their previous releases and how they were able to find a way to express the new concept in the most Stray Kids’ way possible.

Stray Kids

Although Stray Kids have won many awards on music shows in the past, this win is significant to fans, not only because the win is well-deserved…

And because they achieved their first win in such a short amount of time…

But because this is Stray Kids’ first time accepting an award in front of fans in three years.

Fans are, of course, incredibly emotional.

And were endeared by how happy Stray Kids seemed, excitedly interacting with their fans.

And as always, Stray Kids gave an incredible encore stage for their fans.

You can read more about MAXIDENT here.

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Stray Kids

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