Stray Kids’ Seungmin Goes Viral For His Hilariously Detailed Imitation Of J.Y. Park

He holds the title of Stray Kids’ JYP impersonator.

JYP Entertainment founder J.Y. Park is releasing his first new music in two years and three months since he released his single, “When We Disco,” with Sunmi. His upcoming album Groove Missing features the title track “Groove Back,” for which J.Y. Park has already created a TikTok challenge.

| @jypnation/Twitter

In fact, not only did J.Y. Park create the TikTok challenge for the choreography, but he actually made another TikTok to give fans “some tips” on how to execute the choreography properly.

J.Y. Park teaching fans how to properly dance to “Groove Back” | @jypark_official/TikTok 

박진영 (J.Y. Park) “Groove Back” 원포인트레슨 1. 골반 돌릴 때 정박에 왼쪽 2. 골반 돌릴 때 높낮이 차이 3. 스텝 밟을 때 무릎 벌리기 4. 방향 회전 시 팔 이용 5. 다리 밀 때 대각선 6. 팔 돌릴 때 팔꿈치 고정 #JYPark #박진영 #GrooveBack #그루브백 #OnePointLesson #원포인트레슨

♬ Groove Back – J.Y. Park

When ITZY joined J.Y. Park for a random dance play in Los Angeles, ITZY helped hype up “Groove Back” by dancing along with J.Y. Park and the crowd.

And now fellow JYP Entertainment artists Stray Kids are also joining in on the promotions, uploading a TikTok of I.N, Felix, and Seungmin dancing to the new song.

(Left to right) I.N, Felix, and Seungmin | @jypestraykids/TikTok 
| @jypestraykids/TikTok  

복승아 Groove 🍑🎶 #GrooveBack #그루브백 #StrayKids #스트레이키즈 #JYPark #박진영

♬ Groove Back – J.Y. Park

Although the members showed off their dance skills and seemed to have fun filming the video, fans joked about how they must have been “forced to do this.

And fans were especially impressed with Seungmin’s commitment to his performance, as the idol even channeled J.Y. Park’s facial expressions to give the perfect cover.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Seungmin has imitated J.Y. Park, having showed off his impressive skill of even mimicking J.Y. Park’s singing, like he did in Sunmi’s Showterview.

Seungmin | Mobidic/YouTube 
| Mobidic/YouTube 

Seungmin even admitted that he’s “in charge of JYP impersonations,” proving that he’s a comedic genius with his humorous skill.

Sunmi and Seungmin | Mobidic/YouTube 

Source: Mobidic

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