“Street Man Fighter” Star Ocheon Shares Why BTS’s J-Hope Used To Make Him Feel “Jealous”

A young rivalry straight out of a manga.

Shin Seung Hoon, better known as Ocheon, is a member of the dance crew MBITIOUS, which gained new heights of fame after participating in the Mnet reality show Street Man Fighter. Recently, Ocheon was featured in Esquire Korea, along with other Street Man Fighter crew leaders. In his individual interview, the dancer revealed that he has a history with none other than J-Hope from BTS!

Ocheon for Esquire Korea

When the interviewer asked about his relationship with J-Hope, Ochoen was embarrassed while revealing the old story. He shared that he had battled with J-Hope on one occasion before his debut with BTS.

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

According to Ocheon, J-Hope was praised by the senior dancers so much that he couldn’t help but feel competitive and grew a desire to beat him in a battle.

Oh, it’s really nothing, kinda embarrassing even to call it a connection. But long ago we did a battle. This was way before BTS debuted. Our seniors praised J-Hope so much that I used to feel jealous and thought ‘I am gonna defeat him.’

—Ocheon, Esquire Korea

After that encounter, the two didn’t meet for a long time until they met at MAMA Awards. J-Hope was the first to recognize Ocheon backstage and greeted him warmly!

After that we couldn’t see each other for a long time until I ran into him at MAMA Awards. He remembered me and greeted me first. It was so nice.

—Ocheon, Esquire Korea

For those unaware, J-Hope was a famous street dancer before joining Big Hit Entertainment (now BIGHIT MUSIC) as a trainee. He was a part of a crew named Neuron under the name of Smile Hoya! Ocheon revealed that he used to frequently go to Gwangju, J-Hope’s hometown, to learn dancing before he permanently shifted there when he was in high school.

Pre-debut photo of J-hope | larepublica.pe 

The anecdote shared by the MBITIOUS leader has put J-Hope’s dancing legacy into perspective for many. Fans are in awe to learn that he outdid a brilliant dancer like Ocheon during his pre-debut days. Also, the fact that J-Hope recognized his peer after such a long time and greeted him has made his humble personality even more evident. Now all the world needs is a J-Hope and Ochoen collaboration to break the internet!

Source: Esquire Korea


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