“Street Woman Fighter” Aiki Leaves All Her Woman Fans Blushing With This Single Comment

She has women falling for her left and right!

Aiki, the charismatic leader of Street Woman Fighter finalist crew HOOK, stole all our hearts with her talents and personality on the show. Even the other contestants couldn’t help but fall for her!

Aiki. | @aiki_kr/Instagram

In a new teaser for an upcoming talk show episode, NozeGabee, and Rihey revealed how they feel about Aiki. When asked what she likes about Aiki, Noze said, “Unnie is really cute!”

Noze. | Mnet TV/YouTube

Gabee, like a ton of Street Woman Fighter viewers, couldn’t help but fall for her: “I’ve come to like her a lot.”

Gabee. | Mnet TV/YouTube 

And Rihey simply said, “I really love you!”

Rihey. | Mnet TV/YouTube

Aiki and the other competitors couldn’t hold back their shock at hearing these love confessions! The host asked Aiki if her husband, who she’s been married to for almost a decade, would have fun watching this go down.

Host Jang Do Youn. | Mnet TV/YouTube

Aiki turned up her charm and had all the women watching blushing with this sentence: “I may have a husband, but I don’t have a girlfriend!”

| Mnet TV/YouTube

The clip of Aiki’s smooth comment has netizens falling for her all over again!

| theqoo
  • “381. This unnie getting flirty with me again? I’m blushing. “
  • “382. Ugh, excuse me. Aiki is guilty, your honor.”
  • “383. …I have never felt this way about a woman before…”
  • “384. ME! PICK ME CHOOSE ME! ME ME!”
  • “385. Hi, unnie. It’s me. I’m going to be your girlfriend.”

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Source: YouTube, Instagram and theqoo