Meet Aiki, The “Street Woman Fighter” Who Choreographed BTS’s Latest Dance Challenge

No wonder the dance is so catchy!

Mnet’s competition show Street Woman Fighter has brought some of the South Korean dance world’s most talented figures into the spotlight. Viewers have gotten to see these powerful dancers in action, learned more about who they are, and even grown more familiar with some of K-Pop’s most prolific choreographers. But there’s still so much to learn about this talented crew!

Crew leaders and judges on Street Woman Fighter. | @aiki_kr/Instagram

Meet Aiki, whose full name is Kang Hye In. She’s a South Korean dancer born in 1989, the leader of the HOOK crew competing in Street Woman Fighter.

Aiki from HOOK. | @aiki_kr/Instagram

Aiki has been happily married for over 9 years to a college sunbae she met on a blind date. Though not much is known about him, he’s proven himself to be a very thoughtful and affectionate husband!

Aiki’s wedding photo with her husband. | KOCOWA TV/YouTube 

Aiki and her husband have a nine-year-old daughter named Yeon Woo who’s every bit as cool and confident as her mother. Yeon Woo is often featured in Aiki’s Instagram posts!

Aiki and her daughter, Yeon Woo. | @aiki_kr/Instagram

Her popularity skyrocketed when she and her team All Ready finished in fourth place on NBC‘s competition show World of Dance in 2019.

Aiki (right) and Coco (left) on World of Dance. | @aiki_kr/Instagram

Aiki’s extremely active online and is super on top of the trends! There’s a ton of videos of her aceing popular dance trends on her TikTok and her Instagram, as well as some stunning editorial shots and choreography videos.


춤으로 복근만들었슈🤘🏽 #aiki #fyp #slowtofastchallenge

♬ Slow to fast challenge – Michael Le

She often collaborates with other dancers, K-Pop idols, and internet personalities for her videos. Aiki and Wet Boy connected through social media, leading to collabs and even him appearing on Street Woman Fighter!

Aiki is also close with idols like Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung, who she often collaborates with for dance videos. Sooyoung also participated in a challenge on Street Woman Fighter! Though she had no clue what she was signing up for, Sooyoung agreed because her friend Aiki asked.

Sooyoung (left) and Aiki. | @aiki_kr/Instagram

While competing on Street Woman Fighter, Aiki is also a trainer on the survival show My Teenage Girl which aims to create a girl group that will succeed in the global market.

Aiki and My Teenage Girl contestants. | KOCOWA TV 

Not only is she active on competition shows and variety shows, but Aiki also choreographs for K-Pop artists! She choreographed for JessiUhm Jung HwaLee Hyori, and MAMAMOO Hwasa‘s supergroup Refund Sisters. When the choreography and performance received harsh criticism, she was quick to defend the members whose hard work should not be dismissed.

Refund Sisters. | Sports Seoul

Most recently, Aiki choreographed BTS‘s #Move4Gen1 dance challenge for their song “I’m On It”! This was a collaboration with Hyundai to promote their IONIQ line of vehicles. Hyundai’s TikTok account posted videos of all the members doing the choreography earlier this week.


#광고 Join our #Move4Gen1 challenge now! #BTS #CarbonNeutrality #Hyundai #ExpectingGen1

♬ I’m On It (Remix) – Hyundai x BTS

And Aiki shared a video of herself doing the dance, where she let everyone know she was the mastermind behind this catchy choreography!


제가 현대자동차와 콜라보로 만든 안무를 BTS도 함께 해주었어요!🕶🖤 dc by me.#hyundai #bts

♬ I’m On It (Remix) – Hyundai x BTS

Fans of both Aiki and BTS were excited to hear that the dancer choreographed for them, and hope this will lead to more collaborations between them in the future. Read more about Aiki’s Street Woman Fighter journey below!

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Source: Instagram and YouTube

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