“Street Woman Fighter” Honey J Shares Pre-Debut Story Of Noze During Her High School Days

Check out her pre-debut photos!

Dancer Noze got famous for being the pretty and talented dancer for EXO Kai‘s solo song, “Mmmh”. She later went on to appear on Mnet‘s dancing reality show, Street Woman Fighter. Little did many know, one of the veteran dancers on the show, Honey J, used to be Noze’s teacher back in high school!

Honey J shared a story about how she used to teach Noze back when Noze was attending Hanlim Arts High.

Noze is so pretty right? She graduated from Hanlim Arts High and I had gone to teach classes there back then. During classes, I used to tell Noze all the time, hey, you’re so pretty, why don’t you become a celebrity? I remember she was really pretty and I remember saying that. Then we didn’t keep in contact for some time and one day I saw word about a pretty dancer and I realized that it was Jihye (Noze’s real name). So I was like, oh I guess she got even prettier.

— Honey J

Her pre-debut pictures were also shared online.

| Instiz
| Instiz

How adorable! Catch more of both Honey J and Noze on Street Woman Fighter.

Source: Instiz