“Street Woman Fighter” Rozalin’s Former Dance Studio Speaks Up About The Dancer’s Alleged Lesson Scam

They provided additional details regarding the matter.

Previously, dancer Rozalin from Street Woman Fighter fame was met with criticisms as her past scam allegations began making headlines. The dancer was called out by a Korean PR company for allegedly keeping sponsored items, as well as a former dance student who made claims that Rozalin scammed her of her lesson fees.

Dancer Rozalin | @rozallllll/Instagram

While the allegations were both from years ago, the situation regarding Rozalin continues to remain a hot topic. As she remains in the headlines, the former dance studio Rozalin was employed at stepped up with an official statement regarding the accusations.

| @rozallllll/Instagram

The dance studio left a comment under the very post that detailed the alleged events of Rozalin’s lesson fee scam. This is what they had to say regarding the matter.

Comment left by Rozalin’s former dance studio | Nate Pann

Hello, this is [blocked text] dance studio. We are writing this message not only because we were mentioned in the post, but also because there seems to be a misunderstanding regarding the institute and the way we conduct our lessons.

The academy does not rent a practice room that can be used for external lessons taken place outside of the institute. In addition to that, the choreographer is not the person responsible for conducting any examinations needed at the academy. The lessons are only conducted after a consultation with the academy’s examination manager has been had. There is no rental fee that should be paid during this process.

We hope that there are no further misunderstandings.

— Rozalin’s former dance studio

| @rozallllll/Instagram

Rozalin has yet to address the ongoing situation. Stay tuned for further updates.

Source: WikiTree