“Stuff Like That Is Hard”: BTS’s Jimin Updates Fans About Jin’s Life In The Military

He shared some of the difficulties Jin is facing while in the army.

BTS’s J-Hope recently celebrated his birthday with fans through an hour-long Weverse livestream. While the rapper spent time talking to fans and sharing stories of what he is up to these days, his co-member Jimin joined in for a few minutes of chaotic fun.

BTS’s Jimin Surprises J-Hope By Crashing His Birthday Live Broadcast, And Things Quickly Turn Chaotic AF

During Jimin and J-Hope’s conversation, the two joked that time seems to be going too fast for them, but for Jin it’s moving too slow, since he is serving in the military currently. Jimin then said that he recently talked to the madhyung of BTS and shared a chunk of their correspondence.

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Jimin said that Jin was apparently craving mulhoe, a spicy raw fish soup dish. J-Hope asked if the food really suits him there, and according to Jimin, Jin finds it delicious. J-Hope agreed, saying, “Of course it tastes good when you go the military.” But Jimin teased him that he wouldn’t know since he has never been in the military, and J-Hope replied he has seen pictures, and it really looks delicious.

Jimin then continued saying that Jin doesn’t have any trouble with stuff like food and stuff, but he misses people and performing on stage. Apparently, reconciling with those factors are the harder parts for him.

It looks like ARMYs are not the only ones waiting for the day to see the BTS members up on a stage together again!