Suga Gets Real About How Industry Peers Perceive BTS

BTS’s fame has led to some misconceptions.

BTS‘s Suga is back with a second episode of Suchwita, filmed on a new and improved set after the successful first episode with BTS’s leader RM.

BTS’s Suga during episode 2 of “Suchwita” | @agustd/Instagram

As promised when the variety show was announced, the guests will consist of “people from various fields” that will bond over alcohol and music while sharing honest stories with each other.

For his second episode, Suga is joined not by a musician but by comedian Shin Dong Yup (also stylized as Shin Dong Yeob), a prominent MC in Korea who has previously worked with the BTS members.

BTS filming their “Let’s BTS” special with Shin Dong Yup | KBS

As a popular star himself, Shin Dong Yup shared that he currently has filming schedules nearly every day but was more than happy to accept Suga’s invitation to be a special guest on Suchwita.

Coming from a similar entertainment industry background with different specialties, Suga and Shin Dong Yup bonded over discussions about their first time drinking alcohol, their drinking habits, hangover cures, making music, customs and traditions, and more.

The episode had a mix of comedic moments and deeper discussions, including when Suga and Shin Dong Yup opened up about the nostalgia of the past and watching places where they made memories disappear.

When discussing their time filming the KBS special Let’s BTS together, Shin Dong Yup brought up BTS’s incredible level of fame, which had the industry veteran bowing at the younger group before he realized it.

Suga shared that as BTS’s eldest member Jin appeared on multiple variety shows before his enlistment, he confided in Suga that people felt uncomfortable around BTS.

Suga spoke of an inherent bias with respect to BTS’s fame that often makes it difficult for people to approach them, including their peers.

RM discussed this previously in an interview in PROOF‘s collector’s edition and shared how he began to shut himself off after difficulties connecting with people post-meteoric rise in fame. 

Once I became RM, I became well-known to everyone. So there may be biases, and there may be differences in the amount of information we have about one another. Hence, it’s difficult to establish relationships that are equal. And after having experienced some of that, I kind of shut myself off. I guess that’s why I miss the times when people didn’t really know me—for the relationships that I used to be able to have, with the purest of intentions.

— RM

Suga shared that he and Jin have had similar experiences and that it has been disheartening at times for the BTS members because they don’t view themselves as unapproachable or uncomfortable to be around.

Shin Dong Yup weighed in, sympathizing while saying it may be because BTS doesn’t often appear on variety programs that are created outside of their company due to HYBE Labelsstrict policies on doing so.

Instead, people often see them on the news and aren’t able to get a full sense of the fun-loving, down-to-earth, and approachable side of their personalities.

BTS has more freedom to be themselves in their own content, such as their chaotic Run BTS! episodes and reality series In The SOOP.

Suga complimented and jokingly called out his fellow members by sharing that they are funny and “out of their right minds.

Shin Dong Yup comforted Suga by sharing that he’s observed across the industry that peers have begun using more formal language with each other as a commonplace and even sees it among married couples.

The BTS members have individually been taking more time as of late branching outside of their usual activities and collaborating with artists from other companies. Through these connections, hopefully, the BTS members will be able to show their lovable personalities even more.

For more of RM’s thoughts on the matter, check out the article below!

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