Sulli’s Brother Updates With An Apology For Lashing Out At Her Friends Regarding The Documentary

He apologized.

After the controversial episode of MBC‘s Docuplex on the late Sulli aired, her friends took to Instagram and spoke up against Sulli’s mother who appeared in the documentary.

| MBC’s “Docuplex” episode “Why did you find Sulli so problematic?” | MBC

Both posts called out Sulli’s mother and brother for “using her” while she “battled the busy schedules and controversies alone.”

Another friend posted online that he only agreed to appear in the documentary because they promised it would highlight her life in a genuine way. But he was shocked that it took a different turn.

| @jelly_jilli/Instagram

With all these posts from friends calling them out, Sulli’s brother took to social media to lash out at them for “chasing clout” through the documentaries.

But the next day, Sulli’s brother made an update on Instagram apologizing to the friends for lashing out.

I apologize for being one-sidedly violent towards my sister’s friends, using violent words and not acting violently in arguments, letting rumors that spread because of me get worse and having them point fingers at her friends.

⁠— Choi Gunhee

| @jelly_jilli/Instagram

He apologized for his lack of thought in regards to his words and actions and promised to reflect on his actions.

It’s also been awhile since our family has been cut off contact with my sister. I’m sorry that her friends were accused due to my misunderstanding. I also apologize for using the attention my sister received from fans to do improper things. I am sorry that I continued these actions due to my lack of thought. Going forward, I will reflect on my actions.

⁠— Choi Gunhee

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Although the documentary’s purpose was to shed light on Suli’s life, it seems that it became a start-off point for many controversial responses. What do you think about the documentary? Why do you think Sulli’s brother suddenly apologized after lashing out.