Sulli’s Brother Lashes Out At Her Friends For Their Controversial Instagram Posts Following The MBC Documentary

The documentary has now turned Sulli’s family against her friends.

After the controversial episode of MBC‘s Docuplex on the late Sulli aired, her friends took to Instagram and spoke up against Sulli’s mother who appeared in the documentary.

MBC’s “Docuplex” episode “Why did you find Sulli so problematic?” on Sulli. | MBC

Shortly after the since-deleted Instagram account @limmynammy shared a long message criticizing the mother for framing the documentary to be in the family’s favor, another friend uploaded the same message on his Instagram @hotdogdrive.

A screenshot of @hotdogdrive’s Instagram post. | @hotdogdrive/Instagram

Both posts called out Sulli’s mother and brothers for “using all of [Sulli’s] money” while she “battled the hectic schedules and controversies alone” — and then “using” her even after her death.

When you started spending Sulli’s money on things other than the essentials, Sulli said she wants to start managing her finances on her own. You cut her off because you got so angry. We remember where you spent all that money. We remember what you said to Sulli when she asked why you keep splurging all her hard-earned money… We can’t even imagine how miserable Sulli must have felt…

— @limmynammy and @hotdogdrive

A third friend, Cho Lee Sop who also appeared in the documentary, shared this post on his Instagram Stories @choleesop — followed by another exposé of his own.

Cho Lee Sop on “Docuplex”, talking about Sulli’s loneliness. | MBC

Cho Lee Sop shared that he only agreed to appear in the documentary because it promised to highlight Sulli’s life “in a genuine way, in which no one is going to be held accountable.” He then criticized, “But that episode turned into a documentary about Sulli’s mom, not about Sulli.

Cho Lee Sop’s Instagram Story. | @choleesop/Instagram

Cho Lee Sop pointed out that Sulli’s friends chose to “remain silent” even when her family “lashed out on them, on her ex-boyfriends, and even on her fans” because they respected Sulli. He pleaded for Sulli’s family to stop the blame on other people.

We know the truth, we know how the times have been. We are the ones who stayed by Sulli’s side when she lived through those times. And we think Sulli is the only person who can talk about those times. That’s why we chose to remain silent… It’s not that we don’t know. We probably know more than you think. Please stop talking about us.

— Cho Lee Sop

When these posts and Stories went viral, and as the documentary viewers began to question the purpose and direction of the episode, Sulli’s second-to-oldest brother Choi Gun Hee surfaced on his Instagram. In a post, tagged with @choleesop…

Choi Gun Hee (left) with Sulli (right) on “Jinri Market”. | tistory 

… the brother lashed out at the friends for “chasing clout on documentaries” rather than mourning the loss of Sulli. While hinting that he is “holding his tongue” so he doesn’t overshare, Choi Gun Hee criticized the friends for being pretentious.

You f*ckers. You have no right to talk about Sulli like this. You all wanted to appear on that damn documentary when you should have been mourning. How dare you? It makes me question if you guys are even really her friends. You all think you guys can handle the truth? So many people will get hurt. I should really stop talking…

— Choi Gun Hee

He also hinted that Sulli’s friends, who claim to know more than they seem, “actually don’t know anything.”

Sulli on “Docuplex”. | MBC

But you as*holes. Don’t pull this sh*t on me. Real friends should stop friends from going the wrong way. You guys don’t even know where things went wrong. There is no point in telling you because you wouldn’t be able to understand… So “please stop talking about us”, you little piece of sh*t.

— Choi Gun Hee

MBC’s Docuplex has triggered not only this intense battle between Sulli’s friends and her family. It also caused some netizens to rush over and flood Dynamic Duo Choiza‘s Instagram feed with unfiltered hate for simply being Sulli’s ex-boyfriend.

While the producers of the documentary tried to clarify that the episode did not intend to bring forth so many controversial responses, more netizens are coming to agree with what Chioza’s groupmate Gaeko said:

If reaching a record-breaking viewer rating was their objective when producing this documentary, I’d be very disappointed and furious.

— Gaeko

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