Sulli Walks Around Outside Without A Bra, Netizens Freak Out Once Again

Netizens are freaking out over Sulli’s choice to go bra-less once again.

Sulli decided to enjoy the fantastic weather as she graced the streets with a friend. However, the Korean press and netizens once again freaked out over her choice to not wear a bra.

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그 어디선가

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Dressed in a pink tank top, she walked along a quiet street as she put on a hat to cover herself from the sun.


As soon as she uploaded the video to her personal Instagram, multiple news reports wrote articles pointing out her choice to go bra-less again.


As these reports soon skyrocketed to the top trending articles lists, netizens began criticizing her personal choice once again! They claimed she was violating societal rules and had to right to complain about people staring.


Thankfully, another group of netizens and fans defended Sulli and advocated it was a personal choice to go bra-less and shouldn’t be anything to freak out about.


No matter if Sulli chooses to wear a bra or not, it’s her choice and hers alone!

Source: Hankyung and Spotv