ZEROBASEONE’s Sung Hanbin Shows His True Personality On The Finale Of “Boys Planet” When Zhang Hao Places First

Here’s what he said to him.

After much anticipation, the series finale of Boys Planet took place on April 20 where the top 9 contestants were revealed as the debut lineup for ZEROBASEONE.

“Boys Planet” top 9 | Mnet

Two of the most popular trainees, Sung Hanbin and Zhang Hao, showcased their strong friendship throughout the series down to the final moments of the show.

Sung Hanbin and Zhang Hao | Mnet

After continuously receiving first place in every ranking throughout the show, viewers were surprised when Sung Hanbin fell to second place at the finale with Zhang Hao placing above him.

Sung Hanbin places second at the finale | Mnet

However, it’s this moment that shows insight into Sung Hanbin’s true personality! When the two members took their seats, Hanbin can be seen calling to Zhang Hao and telling him something with a big smile on his face.

Zhang Hao!
Zhang Hao!
It suits you* (*T/N: Being in the #1 seat)

— Sung Hanbin

Zhang Hao couldn’t hold back his emotions.

Fans are both touched by Hanbin’s selfless personality as well as their sincere friendship.

  • “Sung Hanbin is a person who will succeed in whatever he does😭”
  • “These two, I seriously love them so much😭😭”
  • “He has a good personality”
  • “These two have worked hard, congrats on your debut Centerz”
| Nate Pann

The touching moment shows just how humble Hanbin truly is — and also how precious his friendship with Zhang Hao is!

| Mnet
Source: Nate Pann

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