Sunggyu Confirms He’s Leaving Woollim Entertainment, But INFINITE Will Stay Together

“We’re going to stay promoting as a group.”

In his latest live broadcast, INFINITE‘s Sunggyu confirmed that he will not be renewing his contract with Woollim Entertainment.

INFINITE’s Sunggyu | @gyu357/Instagram

According to this broadcast, Sunggyu’s contract will expire on March 6, 2021 KST. He assured the fans, however, that INFINITE is going to stay as a group and looks forward to promoting together.

We’re going to stay promoting as a group. And I know that there are concerns of course… But I hope you can support and root for us, more so than worry about us. Only with your support, we can try harder and we can improve ourselves!

— Sunggyu

Sunggyu specifically pointed out that he will “not be leaving INFINITE.

I am INFINITE. How could I leave INFINITE? There is no need to worry, really. And I know where it comes from, but please know that I am completely dedicated to [INFINITE].

— Sunggyu

Finally, Sunggyu left INFINITE fans in sheer excitement after he revealed that a “final” album is coming soon, prior to his leaving the agency. Stay tuned for updates on that release!

INFINITE | Woollim Entertainment
Source: @STAR_IFNT