Sungmin Will Not Participate In Super Junior’s Next Comeback

Super Junior Sungmin has released a statement following the news of him being unable to participate in the SM TOWN Concert.

He released a statement expressing his emotions and reflecting on the current situation.

Hello this is Sungmin.

Due to a series of events I am greeting you all today.

First of all, I apologize for making many fans worry.
Many things surrounding me personally have caused controversy recently.

I wanted to address this sooner but these things involved many other parties and not just me so it took some time. I am very sorry for being late in giving a statement. I am highly sorry and troubled that I couldn’t get my statement out sooner.

Thinking back, I seem to have dismissed the fact I grew up with the love of many fans over the course of 10 years while being busy preparing for my marriage.

I had to be more honest and communicative during that time but I failed. I am sorry for hurting so many fans during that period.

There were many rumors surrounding me and many people who felt betrayed during that period.

I believe I had to be more communicative but I did not.

While I was in the army, I wanted to meet all my fans and promote with my group.

However, the album is really important and I want the best for my group so I have decided to not take part in the upcoming Super Junior album.

As a member of Super Junior I wish for Super Junior to be loved for a very long time. Controversy about me is continuing these days.

That is why I have decided that it is best for the team that I do not participate in the album.

This come back is so important to all of us and I did not wish to make it hard for ELFs to support us with all of their heart.

I am sorry to fans who love and support me but I think I need to try harder over a longer period of time.

ELFs please support and watch over the comeback of Super Junior with all your heart.

– Super Junior Sungmin 

Super Junior Sungmin Will Not Attend SM TOWN Concert

Source: Star News

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