Sunmi Breaks Down All The Early 2000s Inspired Details Included In Her “1/6” Album Art

The album looks straight out of the Y2K era!

 Sunmi has been serving all the retro, early 2000s vibes with her latest single “You can’t sit with us” and new album, 1/6!

Sunmi | @miyayeah/Instagram

In her ”’You can’t sit with us’ Album Unboxing” video, Sunmi explained the early 2000s-inspired details included in her 1/6 album.

| SUNMI/YouTube

Before getting into her album’s details, Sunmi said that younger fans might not be familiar with the album’s theme and explained that the early 2000s era is commonly referred to as the Y2K era.

“If you were born in the early or late 2000s, you probably don’t know this theme. People in foreign countries recently call this theme, ‘Y2K era.'” | SUNMI/YouTube

Sunmi said the 1/6 album expresses the mood of the Y2K era through its design, her outfits, and her accessories.

“This 1/6 album expresses the mood of the Y2K era a lot. Designs, outfits, and accessories.” | SUNMI/YouTube

She complimented the album’s designer on capturing the mood of the Y2K era vibe well. Then, she pointed out that the album says “every page in color” at the top like a vintage magazine.

She pointed out that the album insert’s cover is holographic. Holograms were very trendy during the Y2K era, so this detail adds to the early 2000s vibes.

During the unboxing video, Sunmi explained why she included photos taken with a fisheye lens in the album. “In the early 2000s, many videos and photos were taken with a fisheye lens, so I took photos with it, too,” she said.

Sunmi revealed that the photos she took for the track “Narcissism” are her favorites and that she thinks they fit the Y2K concept really well.

“These cuts fit well with the concept. I took these with a mirror. Styling at that moment is one of my favorites.” | SUNMI/YouTube

The album also comes with stickers that fans can use to decorate their diaries like people did in the early 2000s.

“Thinking back on the old days … we made stickers of cute Sunmi in the album.” | SUNMI/YouTube

Sunmi and her team put a lot of effort into bringing Y2K vibes to the 1/6 album, and their hard work totally paid off!

See Sunmi’s full unboxing video below.