Sunmi Will Never Film Car Commercials For This One Surprising Reason

She’s turned down all car commercial deals.

Sunmi‘s been receiving endorsement deals left and right ever since she’s marked her place as a fierce queen. She’s gotten deals with multiple industries, such as beauty, clothing, game and more!


During “Cultwo’s Radio Show”, it was revealed that Sunmi actually got a lot of car commercial deals but she turned them all down!


Sunmi turned them all down mainly for one simple reason: She doesn’t have a driver’s license!

“I don’t have a drivers’ license. I’m too scared.”

— Sunmi


The hosts continued to urge her to get her license, but she insisted that she can’t because she’s scared.

“No… I don’t know. I’m too scared.”

— Sunmi


INFINITE‘s Woohyun jokingly added that he has a drivers’ license, inviting the car brands to reach out with endorsement deals!


But does Sunmi really need to force herself to get a driver’s license? She’s one of the hottest names in brand reputation without car deals anyways!

Source: Chic News