Sunmi Reveals Which One Of Her Comebacks Deserve A Second Chance

Out of her many hit songs, she chose one that she believes should be promoted again!

Throughout her 9 years as a solo artist, Sunmi has had a stellar solo career, with many hit songs to her name!

Sunmi | @miyayeah/Instagram

From her debut song “24 Hours”…

Sunmi performing “24 Hours”

…to “Gashina”…

Sunmi performing “Gashina”

…to “Siren”…

Sunmi performing “Siren”

…and “You Can’t Sit With Us”, Sunmi’s artistry has been full of new and innovative sounds, while retaining her signature “Sunmi” sound!

Sunmi performing “You Can’t Sit With Us”

In an interview with Cosmopolitan Korea, Sunmi was asked to name one of her songs that she would love to make a comeback with once more!

Which song of yours do you want to come back again with?

Sunmi chose her 2019 song “Noir” as a song she thinks would be great to come back with! “Noir” was released on March 4, 2019, right in the middle of her Warning tour, which ran from February 2019 to June 2019.

| Abyss Company

The song was then never promoted, and Sunmi released her next comeback after the tour in August 2019, which was “LALALAY”.

| Abyss Company

Sunmi revealed that she chose “Noir” because she never got a chance to perform it, and thinks it would be great with choreography that suits the theme of the song, which falls mostly under black comedy!

The song is called “Noir”. I haven’t done any performance with this song, but in the MV for “Noir”, I look a bit like an attention seeker on social media. Those actions of mine to get some attention looks like a black comedy, you know?

That song is the one that I would like to come back with again!


Sunmi coming back with a “Noir” concept would indeed be legendary! Watch the MV here to relive that era!

Source: Youtube