Sunmi Claimed This About Her Face And It May Be The Most Ridiculous Statement Of The Year

What did she just say?!

Sunmi appeared as a guest on Cultwo Show, where a listener claimed that they saw Sunmi eating 4 whole bowls of patbingsoo (shave ice dessert) at a specific neighborhood.


However, it appeared that Sunmi may not have been Sunmi because she didn’t have any recollection of that day. She said, “Uhm… Well, first… I’m not entirely sure where that neighborhood is. I don’t remember but I don’t think I would have bought patbingsoo…


The cast and Sunmi ultimately deemed that “there was a misunderstanding.


She then went on to claim that she has a very common face!


The cast members immediately denied it and said she had a unique face!


I mean look at these photos… What is common about this gorgeous beauty?!


The queen needs to recognize that no other can look like the way she does!

Source: Herald Pop