Sunmi Confesses That She Was Diagnosed With Borderline Personality Disorder

“…Those times ate me away.”

In the new episode of Mnet‘s Running Girls, SunmiEXID‘s Hani, Oh My Girls‘s YooA, Chungha, and LOONA‘s Chuu shared their inner thoughts.

Notably, Sunmi said, “It’s okay for you to take a break if things are hard. I took a break when I left Wonder Girls. It was more heartbreaking than my body hurting. I made my solo debut and joined Wonder Girls again, but I was given a lot of time to think and I think those times ate me away.”

Sunmi confessed “I was diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder five years ago. That’s what was bothering me, but I felt relieved because I got diagnosed and I got better after taking medicine. I still had to resolve the fundamental aspect because it is the people around the person with a disorder that goes through a lot of difficulties.”

She continues through tears.

That was the time I really had to stop briefly. To be honest, we debuted so young. We spent our time in a car during the age when oneself is formed. That’s why it’s more important for us to look back at ourselves and ask what do we like to do, what we are good at. It’s important for us to cater to our own emotions. I started to realize a little bit that I passed puberty, and I’m better now. I decreased my medication. I’m strong, no, I became stronger.


| @miyayeah/Instagram

Borderline Personality Disorder is a mental illness that is often categorized by unstable moods, varying self-image, diverse behavior, and a mix of depression and anxiety.

Sunmi has often been transparent about her mental health through her music and on variety shows. In an old Knowing Bros episode, she talked about how her mood often changed and that she was working on it. Her song “Heroine” talks about persevering even if you are sad.