Someone Got Up To Leave While Sunmi Was On Stage And What Happened Next Was The Best Thing Ever

Sunmi’s reaction is exactly what you’d expect from a Queen.

Sunmi recently performed a set during a university festival concert when an audience member decided to get up and leave during a short break between her songs.


As soon as she spotted the person leaving, Sunmi did exactly what a Queen would do. She called them out in front of everyone!

Where are you going? Where are you going?!

Where are you going? Don’t leave~

— Sunmi


The person immediately sat down as their face grew red by being called out by Sunmi. Pleased with her job well done, Sunmi asked where they were trying to go.

Your face is red. Haha! Where were you going to go?

— Sunmi


The audience member replied that they were trying to go to the bathroom! Realizing her mistake, Sunmi adorably apologized for stopping them and allowed them to continue on their way!

The bathroom? Oh, then you can go. I’m sorry! I’m sorry!

— Sunmi


Check out the hilariously adorable interaction between Queen Sunmi (who won’t hesitate to call out the audience) and her fan who just had to run to the bathroom!

Source: Dispatch