Sunmi Covers Her Entire Body with Stickers for New Teaser Photos

All those stickers on her body give off a sexy 90s vibe.

On February 27, Sunmi‘s agency, MAKEUS Entertainment released new teaser photos for her upcoming song, “Noir” on their official social media accounts.

What stands out about the new teaser photos is that Sunmi can be seen covered head to toe in colorful stickers as she showed off various poses while looking at the camera with a chic gaze.

The way her body is exposed from head to toe yet covered in all sorts of stickers almost gives off a sexy 90s vibe while the theme of the stickers adds a touch of youth to the look.

The pigtails she sported gave her a cuter image that is very contrasting of her past sexy image, which is heightening fans’ anticipation for her upcoming comeback.

Sunmi worked with songwriter EL CAPITXN to write the song herself in order to show her fans a new side of herself. Her new song, “Noir” will be released on March 4.

Source: Insight