Sunmi’s Mindset Toward Regret Reveals The Strength And Maturity She’s Gained On Her Journey To Healing

Sunmi glows with peace and confidence.

Sunmi has been an idol for 15 years, and 2022 marks the 10th year of her solo career. Having spent so many years in the grueling entertainment industry, Sunmi has endured many ups and downs in her career and personal life. Diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder in 2020, Sunmi has battled mental illness for a long time, but her journey to healing is already well on its way.

Sunmi was the second guest on rapper Lee Young Ji‘s “My Alcohol Diary” YouTube series, and the tension between the two girls never dropped, resulting in bouts of laughter and seamless chemistry. Still, with a ten-year age gap between them, Sunmi’s wisdom and maturity shone through when Young Ji asked for Sunmi’s viewpoint on regret.

Of course, it’s impossible to never regret, so Young Ji asked Sunmi how she handles the unavoidable regrets.

Sunmi’s mindset remains optimistic, crediting the past her for bringing the present her to where she is now. It’s a beautiful way of validating both the positive and negative of her past while not letting those experiences dictate her future.

Like many fans and viewers, Young Ji was touched by her strong mentality, but Sunmi clarifies that she hasn’t always been so optimistic.

It took time and a lot of struggles for Sunmi to reach the place of healing she is at now. The biggest push toward her strong mentality was realizing that her healing would only begin when she changed her mindset and worked through her pain.

Sunmi continues to be an icon in K-Pop for her music and personality. The comfort and encouragement she gives fans by being open about her hurt and healing make her even more lovable, proving why she’s still at the top after fifteen years in the spotlight.