Sunmi Reveals The Difficult Moments During Her First Time Hosting The Metaverse Concert

“I’m the first artist in Korea to host a Metaverse concert.”

Sunmi recently participated in a gorgeous pictorial for Cosmopolitan Korea as well as an accompanying interview!

During her interview, Sunmi took the time to open up about her time hosting the Metaverse concert and how it didn’t go as smoothly as she hoped. In the music industry, artists who are unable to hold large-scale offline concerts due to the pandemic are coming to fans as avatars on metaverse platforms and performing for virtual audiences! As the first Korean artist to perform in Korea, Sunmi shared that things were, of course, rough; however, she had a great time regardless.

I’m the first artist in Korea to host a Metaverse concert. It’s the first time for NAVER too. So, inevitably, things went a bit roughly. But it was so much fun.

— Sunmi

Sunmi then explained the advanced and impressive technical aspects that were put into her performance.

We used XR technology during the show. I would motion in front of a green screen, and on the monitor, it would look like I’m reaching for the moon. So I’d be dancing in front of the moon-and when I move again, I’d be sent to another planet and so on…My dance team said they’ve never experienced something like this before.

— Sunmi

Furthermore, Sunmi admitted it was a bit intimidating at some moments but knew that the outcome would all be worth a few moments of embarrassment.

During the shoot, it can get a bit embarrassing(?) but the results are so cool. I look forward to getting to know the technology better.

— Sunmi

Sunmi concluded by expressing how much she misses an actual live audience.

I miss seeing the audience in person and feeling that energy live… but by 2030, the metaverse concept should be closer to perfection. That’s going to be a lot of fun, right? I wonder if it would be anything like “Black Mirror,” where I sign into a game and I’m linked.

— Sunmi

Source: Cosmopolitan Korea