Sunmi Reveals She Tried This Hairstyle For The First Time In “You Can’t Sit With Us” Jacket Shooting Sketch

She can pull off any look!

Sunmi can pull off any concept and hairstyle, and she recently slayed a high-teen inspired hairstyle for her latest comeback, “You can’t sit with us!”

Sunmi | @miyayeah/Instagram

In the “You can’t sit with us” jacket shooting sketch, Sunmi says she’s using a high-teen concept for this comeback.

“I become a high teen. That’s today’s concept.” | SUNMI/YouTube

The term “high-teen” combines the words “high school” and “teenager,” and it refers to Western movies and shows, like CluelessMean Girls, and Gossip Girl.

Stacey Dash (left) and Alicia Silverstone (right) in Clueless | IMDb

In the Jacket Shooting Sketch, Sunmi serves high-teen looks that would fit perfectly in any Western high school movie!

| SUNMI/YouTube

Being the versatile queen that she is, Sunmi managed to pull off a look she’s never tried before as part of her high-teen concept!

| SUNMI/YouTube

Sunmi revealed that she was wearing a ribbon on the top of her head for the first time ever during the “You can’t sit with us” Jacket Shooting Sketch.

“It’s my first time wearing a ribbon on my head.” | SUNMI/YouTube

Even though it’s her first time wearing a ribbon on her head, Sunmi looks absolutely stunning wearing it! A crew member told Sunmi “everything looks perfect even if it’s your first time,” and we totally agree!

| SUNMI/YouTube

Watch the full Jacket Shooting Sketch below.