Sunmi Sends A Warm Message To Red Velvet’s Wendy Regarding Her Accident

She’s seriously one of the nicest idols out there!

Sunmi sent Red Velvet‘s Wendy all her love and warm wishes!

On December 30, Sunmi held a live broadcast where she adorably talked and laughed with her fans! She also showed her fun side, and danced and sang along to songs, of which Red Velvet’s recent track, “Psycho” was included!


While dancing along to the song and talking about what a great track “Psycho” is, Sunmi referenced Wendy’s recent accident, and sent her warm wishes to get well soon!


Our Seungwannie [Wendy’s real name]~

Our Wendy, please get better soon. I was so so worried about you.

I really love “Psycho.” I sent Seulgi a message letting her know how much I liked “Psycho.”



Sunmi referenced Wendy by her birth name first, showing that even though they’re not visibly close, there’s still so much love between the two artists!


Sunmi also mentioned how she talked to Seulgi about how much she enjoyed their new track. Sunmi and Seulgi are well-known close friends, having been paired together in the show Secret Unnie. They’ve remained close since then, often commenting on each other’s Instagram posts and even writing songs and making special dance twists for each other!


Wendy was involved in a serious stage accident during rehearsals for the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejun, and suffered multiple fractures. She will be on hiatus until further notice to recover from her injuries.

Red Velvet made their third and final comeback for this year with The ReVe Festival: Finale and accompanying title track “Psycho”.

Watch the MV here!